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We provide a variety of appraisal services to ensure the best fit for our clients’ needs.  The gap analysis provides a starting point for identifying existing processes, uncovering “hidden” processes, and areas where no appropriate process exists.  The Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) family of appraisals are designed to provide benchmark quality ratings or findings relative to the CMMI models.

We work to ensure that the results of all types of appraisals provide beneficial feedback to our clients.  Weaknesses are written in client terms, citing client evidence which lead to the weakness and indicating why fixing the problem is essential.  We not only identify weaknesses within the process implementation, we also document how the processes are meeting the expectations of the reference model.  Using the client’s process terminology, we document the compliant practices and any areas where we saw valid improvements being made.  This information along with the documented weaknesses allows the client to close the gaps without breaking valid processes. 

By identifying the improvements seen within the organization, we ensure the client is aware that the improvements are heading in the right direction and should be institutionalized.  We work hard to ensure the appraisal results will provide the client with the most useful information possible by providing a holistic view of the organization that emphasizes actual performance improvements rather than just strict compliance.

Mini Appraisals

Mini appraisals, including gap analyses, SCAMPI Bs, and SCAMPI Cs, are designed to provide detailed results with minimal corporate investment.  Mini appraisals are tailored to fit the organization, addressing areas of specific concerns and helping identify any additional risk areas.  Mini appraisals can provide valuable information regarding processes that are currently in place.  The goal, of course, is to identify processes that are perhaps there, but undocumented.  In short, a mini appraisal is a highly effective yet inexpensive way to uncover “hidden” processes that may be used in some parts of the organization that could be documented or tweaked for use across the organization.  Our expert consultants work with a select team from the organization to perform the mini appraisal and provide documented feedback and metrics that can be used to plan appropriate actions to get from the current state of the practice to the improved state.

Mini Appraisal Bar ChartMini Appraisal Pie Chart


SCAMPI As are the most comprehensive appraisals against the CMMI models and can result in either a maturity or capability level rating.  High maturity SCAMPIs are led by one of our certified high maturity lead appraisers.  All our certified lead appraisers approach SCAMPI As with the same attention to detail regardless of the scope of the appraisal, the size of the organization, or the target rating.

The SCAMPI A, like all SCAMPIs, is done in three phases, the planning and preparing phase, the conducting phase, and the reporting phase.  The planning and preparing phase is the longest phase and begins at least three months prior to the start of the conducting phase.  During this phase, our certified leads work with the sponsor and designee to set the goals and objectives for the appraisal.  The organization completes a project profile from which projects are selected using the SCAMPI selection method.  Each selected project completes a compliance matrix, or PIID.  PI-21 uses our secure SharePoint site to record all planning activities and decisions.  The SCAMPI team members, the sponsor, and sponsor designees have unique logins to the site and thus have access to the most up to date information as the planning and preparing phase continues toward the conducting phase.

The SCAMPI Readiness Review (RR) is conducted at least one month prior to the start of the conducting phase.  The purpose of the RR is to determine if the organization is ready to conduct the SCAMPI as planned.  Our certified leads and the internal team members review the inventory of objective evidence as identified in the completed compliance matrices.  The established SharePoint site for the SCAMPI can allow the RR to be conducted remotely as needed to minimize travel. The results of the RR ensures that the appraisal will be conducted efficiently and effectively and minimizes risks that may impact the completion of the SCAMPI.

The Conducting Phase of the SCAMPI typically lasts 5 to 10 business days depending on the size of the organization and the scope of the appraisal.  During this phase, the SCAMPI team uses interviews, document reviews, demonstrations and presentations to determine the extent to which the reference model is implemented.

Maturity Profile Image The Reporting Phase is completed during the last day of the on- site.  The final findings presentation reports the compliant practices, improvement activities, and weaknesses discovered.  The Maturity Profile is provided to quickly show the ratings of the appraisal while the practice characterization charts (histogram by maturity level and pie chart of all maturity levels) show the impacts of any discovered weaknesses. Reporting Phase Bar ChartReporting Phase Pie Chart
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