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CMMI-DEV Supplement Image For those organizations that also have a product development focus, we provide the Development Supplement to the CMMI for Services as a follow-on to the Introduction to CMMI-SVC training. This one-day CMMI Institute licensed supplement course builds on the concepts introduced during the Intro to CMMI-SVC course and focuses on the unique aspects of the Capability Maturity Model® Integration for Development (CMMI®-DEV).

This course continues with the case study used in the Intro to CMMI-SVC course to expand on the development aspects of performance improvements and explores development-focused performance improvements needed in the real-world of product development. Join us for this supplemental look into the CMMI-DEV by registering today for the course that best suits your schedule and get ready to experience additional performance improvements in the product development areas of your organization. To talk with one of our certified instructors, contact us at Info@PI-21.com. If you don't see a schedule that suits you, please contact our training coordinator, Shalyn McMillen, at SMcMillen@PI-21.com or call her at (703) 447-1775.

The course registration fee covers the training materials, the CMMI for Development: Guidelines for Process Integration and Product Improvement textbook, and refreshments.

Course Schedule

Dates Location
Advance Registration Deadline
Advance Price Regular Price
15-Dec-17 Springfield , VA  USA
 $       550.00  $       650.00
16-Feb-18 Springfield , VA  USA
 $       550.00  $       650.00
20-Apr-18 Springfield , VA  USA
 $       550.00  $       650.00
15-Jun-18 Springfield , VA  USA
 $       550.00  $       650.00
17-Aug-18 Springfield , VA  USA
 $       550.00  $       650.00
12-Oct-18 Springfield , VA  USA
 $       550.00  $       650.00
14-Dec-18 Springfield , VA  USA
 $       550.00  $       650.00

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